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Astrakhan airport with our design

Customer: Astrakhan Airport

Types of jobs:
Irina Rodionova-Zrazhevskaya — creative director
Fedor Atlasov — art director
Marina Gruzdeva — Supervisor
Creative team:
Form style
Corporate media design
Drawing individual illustrations
Guideline development
Astrakhan International Airport is located in the extreme south-east of the European part of Russia and is an important node of the Euro-Asian North-South transport corridor. Favorable geographical position and technical potential make the airport the leading enterprise of the region, and to a large extent its calling card. Due to its geographical location, climatic features, and rich historical heritage, the Astrakhan region is a popular tourist destination.
There are several associations in the logo. Firstly, this is the image
of the porthole through which we see the city and its sights; secondly, this
is the "box" maneuver pattern, according to which the aircraft is landing;
and thirdly, this is the letter "A" (Astrakhan), which, as it were, was drawn in the air by a plane taking off. The logo is easily cropped and transformed. This allows you to use its fragments in the design of different media.
The color palette is not random. Blue is the color of the Volga River, the salt lake, and of course the sky; green - lotus valley and Astrakhan watermelons; yellow - sandy landscapes of the shores of Akhtuba and the Sun; black
is a universal accent color, and, of course, it is also the famous Astrakhan caviar.
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