Hello, this is my portfolio
Development of a new brand of clothing
from St Petersburg

Сustomer: Individual Entrepreneur Natalia Nikiina

Types of jobs:
Marina Panfilova — strategist
Alisa Gumina, Daria Vedmed, Natalia Blashenkova — project manager
Yulia Goiko — copywriter
Maria Gotovko, Alena Dudkovskaya — designer
Irina Rodionova-Zrazhevskaya, Marina Gruzdeva — supervisor
Creative team:
Analysis of an existing brand
and competitors
Brand platform development
Development of corporate identity/ style
Development of brand voice, social media concepts
Development of the concept of the corner and exhibition stands
Brand website development, social media concepts
Development of the concept of the corner and exhibition stands
Website development

Charmy White ­­— a brand which is indistinguishably linked with St. Petersburg and, as the designers themselves say, is instilled with the spirit of this city. And we used this to define the essence of the brand, to isolate its DNA.
This is how the Urban Inspired Fashion platform was born. These are simple, elegant, slightly classic cut lines and muted tones аnd natural materials.
The charm lies in the details, in the combination of laconic basics and lovely nuances. The lightness of a ballerina and the solidity of granite. All this
is ideally combined with the style of St. Petersburg.

We have turned the concept, that we developed into a concise and calm corporate identity, filled with air and space. At the next stages of works, we created
the main attributes of the brand: we developed the concept of the site, recommendations for photo style and the basics of intonation of brand communications in social networks.
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