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Hot dumplings with northern character

Customer: Polar Food Plant LLC
Types of jobs:
Irina Rodionova-Zrazhevskaya — creative director
Fedor Atlasov — art director

Julia Goiko — copywriter

Marina Gruzdeva — supervisor
Creative team:
Brand audit
Brand platform
Name development
Logo and concept
Packaging design
Basic packaging design
A traditional dish of the northern regions are hot dumplings with real meat,
in the preparation of which all homemade people take part. Domovar - a new brand of the northernmost dumplings for strong-willed people who appreciate quality and taste at the table.
Domovar creates a strong association with home comfort and family closeness, and the slogan "Power of the North" refers us to the strong people of the northern regions with their primitive and harsh beauty.
The visual concept of the packaging, made mainly in cold colors, skillfully plays on contradictions. Scattered flour evokes thoughts of a harsh northern blizzard, and the dumplings themselves evoke warm feelings and a brutal appetite.
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