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Development of a unique brand for the funeral services market

Сustomer: Bright Future LLC

Types of jobs:
Irina Rodionova-Zrazhevskaya — Creative Director
Galina Statsenko — designer
Maria Gotovko — designer
Alena Dudkovskaya — designer
Yulia Goiko — copywriter
Alisa Gumina — project manager
Daria Vedmed — project manager
Marina Gruzdeva — supervisor

Creative team:
Marketing analysis
Conducting neuromarketing research
Brand platform development
Slogan development
Development of a logo and corporate identity
Development of corporate identity media
Brand book

Epitaph - the first online burial service in Moscow. You can order its services from anywhere in the world, and your important place will always look neat and proper.

We started by doing marketing analysis and in-depth neuromarketing research. The main insight of the audience's goals was formed as follows: "I want the symbolic contact with my close departed person to be an expression of my love, gratitude and reverence for his memory".
This helped us tune in to the right wave, and we started developing the brand platform. We have laid such concepts as respect, purity, preservation of memory as a basis. "The graves of our loved ones are those sacred, precious places
for us where we saw each other for the last time and said our goodbyes, where we will meet again". As the main slogan, the formula “Place of memory. Meeting point".

From this, the name "Epitaph" was logically born - noble, sonorous and directly related to the specifics of the service (an epitaph is a memorial inscription
on a tombstone). It is also important that this word is from the international dictionary. This erases the boundaries of the brand, and this is important because many users are located in other countries.
When developing the logo, we chose the classical forms of letters - the Roman capital font - calm and solemn. The bird became the sign of the brand, as
a symbol of a free soul. And a whole fountain of flying birds formed the basis of the corporate identity. Even for identification, mood photos were found, rules for working with them were formulated, fonts were selected and the principles of layout of all materials were determined.
The question of color was also difficult. The dark palette, which seemed
to fit here, made the brand too gloomy, deprived it of the light that the brand should radiate. So we came to the conclusion that sky blue was chosen as the main color and strict graphite was already added to it as a pandan.
To reflect seasonality works of the "Epitaph" company, we have assigned
our additional color to each season. And the brand palette has become very affirmative.
At the next stages, we developed the design of branded media and company documentation, formalized social networks and determined the rules for their maintenance. The result of all the work was an impressive brand book, with which you can easily maintain and develop the corporate identity of the company.
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