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The Bread Branding Company team met spring together with Familia

Customer: Familia

Types of jobs:
Alexey Skvortsov — creative director
Andrey Chudikov — art director
Olga Feldman - designer
Marina Panfilova - strategist
Daria Vedmed - project manager

Marina Gruzdeva — supervisor

Creative team:
Brand platform
Slogan development
Photo style
Creative advertising concept of the annual campaign
Development and adaptation of outdoor advertising layouts for the annual campaign

In the autumn of 2021, Bread Branding Company began working with the Familia brand to create a new platform. The marketing team of Familia decided
to restore the Brand's audience. Accordingly, the Brand should also become fashionable and modern- relevant for a today’s buyer.
We have turned the concept , that we developed into a concise and calm corporate identity, filled with air and space. At the next stages of works
we created the main attributes of the brand: we developed the concept
of the site, recommendations on photo style and the basics of intonation
of brand communications in social networks.
Until recently, we recall that Familia -They were brands that were free
from prices. It was precisely this price moment that I wanted to omit ,
so that the Brand would not be perceived so utilitarianly. And the most important advantage - discounts - is transferred to the second floor
of communication. So, we developed a new formula, presenting Familia
as a modern habit of a person who takes good care of himself, his home
and the comfort in it. The new platform sounds like this: Familia is your fashion habit.
In the spring campaign, colleagues decided to hold off on the new development, and just removed the old wording for now. But the main advertising message
that we launched along with the campaign is far from being only and not so much about prices and discounts. As was suggested, we have moved this to the second plan. On the first plan there was a simple and understandable emotion, contained in a short phrase "Hello, spring!" That says it all: hello sun!; hello mood!; hello newbees! All of this perfectly echoes the renewal of the brand itself. The campaign came out bright and memorable. About 400 stores, 20 cities, more than 150 different surfaces and formats from banners on the internet to digital structures 100 meters long.
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