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The way to the heart is through the ribs

Customer: Frank Group
of Companies
Types of jobs:
Irina Rodionova-Zrazhevskaya — creative director
Olga Sall — designer
Yulia Goiko — copywriter
Marina Gruzdeva — supervisor
Creative team:
Form style
Media design
Menu design

The unusual and bright concept of the restaurant was inspired by the popular American TV series "House of Cards". The protagonist Frank Underwood -
a tough politician, capable of anything to achieve his goals - has one single weakness... A cozy place on the outskirts of Washington, where they cook the most delicious ribs. This place is out of fashion, out of time.
It's just delicious, quiet and good thinking. It was precisely such a spiritual and at the same time cult ribbed that the founders of "Frank" wanted to open
in St. Petersburg. While the energetic team was engaged in the launch of the restaurant, the development of the kitchen, financial and organizational issues, we created a visual image of the new establishment and implemented
a communication and PR strategy.
As part of the general "political" concept, a menu design was developed, stylized as a fresh newspaper, as well as the design of corporate identity media: advertising materials, placemats, table tents, bonfires, stickers, badges, navigation materials. A reference to the "House of Cards" is also contained in the restaurant's slogan - "Make ribs great again!", which plays
on the slogan of Trump's presidential campaign.
The most important visual identifier of the restaurant is its logo — Tirex Frank, which, on the one hand, supports the concept (reminiscent of the merciless "predator" Frank Underwood), and on the other hand, leads away
from complete identification with the film. To soften the aggressive image
a little, the dinosaur came up with a friend — a funny Piggy pig.
All these details create and maintain the unique atmosphere of the restaurant.
And in combination with classy cuisine, generous portions and affordable prices, they provide "Frank" with the love and devotion of visitors.
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