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Personal brand of a professional mediator, private detective on economic (tax) issues

Customer : Liliia Ananicheva
Types of jobs:
Alexey Skvortsov — creative director
Andrey Churikov — art director
Alexander Grigoriev — art director
Svetlana Gopanyuk — designer
Natalia Bloshenkova — project manager
Daria Vedmed - project manager
Marina Gruzdeva — Supervisor
Creative team:
Marketing positioning
Corporate identity
Media design
Website development
SMM support

Mediation is an alternative to litigation - negotiations with the participation of a third, professional party, neutral to the conflict, whose only interest
is seeing the parties resolve their dispute (conflict) out of court. During
the negotiation processes the mediator organizes and controls the negotiation so that the parties come to the most beneficial agreement for all.
A professional mediator sometimes combines several specializations: psychologist, lawyer, conflictologist, detective. Liliia Ananicheva, one of the most famous mediators in our country in the field of economic disputes, is just the right person to call. She has been working in this field for more than
15 years and has rightfully earned a brilliant reputation.
We started working on her brand with a series of interviews with Liliia herself with the idea in mind to understand in detail all the nuances of an unfamiliar sphere. Then we conducted a research part of the work, where we considered the mediation market in Russia and other countries. This gave us food for thought, we saw an interesting diverse market, and most importantly, a niche for positioning.

We realized that any dispute is, in fact, a trap from which its participants cannot get out. We came up with the idea to present it as a labyrinth, and the mediator as a conductor from it. So the name of Liliia's technology immediately arose. We called it "Exit Point". After all, when a relationship begins, you need an entry point. When they reach a dead end, an exit point is needed. Liliia is capable of seeing the exit point where others see obstacles. This became
the core of positioning and a metaphor for Liliia's work as a mediator.
Therefore, when we started developing the logo, we realized that the Exit Point technology also needs a corporate style. So instead of one logo, we created two at once: one is personal for professional activities, the second is a technology logo.

When designing a personal logo, we added the Cyrillic initials L and A and received the grapheme of the letter M - a mediator. It turned out to be verified, restrained and very expressive. In the font part, we used a bright calligraphic font, which gave emotions to the entire design of the logo , which always accompanies both Liliia's professional activities and her own as an extraordinary personality.
We decided on the technology logo in a simple geometric style, where the letter O became the very exit point that needs to be found in the mediation process. The common shape that connected the two designs was a circle that rhymes both logos.
On this, our work on creating a brand for mediator Lilia Ananicheva is just beginning. We formed photography rules for Lilia (colors, interiors, poses, clothing style and other trifles), designed social networks in a new style and developed a website that reflected all the verbal and visual developments of the new brand.
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