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Real estate agency rebranding

Сustomer: CEAN real estate agency
Types of jobs:
Alexey Skvortsov — creative director
Kirill Pugachev — designer
Daria Vedmed — project manager
Marina Gruzdeva — supervisor
Creative team:
Brand platform
Form style
Brand architecture
Media branding
Metroteka - the leading real estate agency in the Krasnodar Territory. The guys say this about themselves: "We are building a new type of company - we combine global vision, local expertise, experience and competencies of the best in the industry".
The nearest goals of Matroteka are to become a multi-agency that is able
to completely close the deal on the online platform. To do this, they invest
a lot in the digitalization of processes, staff training, market research and quality of services.
In 2021, we carried out a large-scale rebranding for Krasnodar residents.
The agency changed its name and expanded its positioning. The word "Metroteka" is easy to remember, quickly switches a person to the real estate industry.
The concept of corporate identity grew out of the sign - a powerful capital
M. Therefore, the style turned out to be confident and simple; and bright open colors add humanity, warmth and positive emotions to it. Now the visual image of the company completely coincides with the vision and feeling of being on the market.
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