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Clean cat, cozy house, new design

Сustomer: Leading LLC

Types of jobs:
Irina Rodionova-Zrazhevskaya — creative director
Fedor Atlasov — art director

Anna Rudakova — project manager

Marina Gruzdeva — supervisor
Creative team:
Brand analysis
Brand activator
Packaging design concept
Basic packaging design
Advertising media template
Design of POS materials
Brand book
Pi-Pi-Bent - a natural clumping cat litter. Its main advantages are economy
and ease of use. With the help of Pi-Pi-Bent, every housewife can easily keep her house clean and tidy. The producers themselves are proud that they extract bentonite clays from their own deposits, which allows them to control the quality of the product even at the quarry stage. In addition, Pi-Pi-Bent undergoes voluntary certification every year to be able to reinforce the brand's reputation with the opinion of independent experts. That is why the concept
of "Control" was chosen as the dominant positioning.
The second stage of work- updating the packaging. It should be noted that
it was fundamentally important for the client, with all the changes made,
to maintain recognition. The following elements should have remained unchanged: the breed of the cat and its dominant position on the package; main corporate color (red). The remaining elements and their layout needed to be optimized
and updated. The first element that underwent modification was the logo: its style became more compact and expressive. The optimal rearrangement of the key elements of the packaging made it possible to eliminate the problem of the logo curling up when putting the pack on the shelf.
The final stage of the project was the development of a brand book, which
will serve as a guide for the client in reproducing the corporate identity
on various media, and will also be a fulcrum for further development of the communication strategy.
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