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Stand design development for the "Baikal-Engineering company" at MAKS-2021

Customer: Baikal-Engineering
Types of jobs:
Development of stand design at MAKS-2021

Alexey Skvortsov — creative director
Fedor Atlasov — art director
Nikolai Shilov — designer
Daria Vedmed — project manager
Marina Gruzdeva — supervisor

Creative team:
For this project, we at Bread BC dived deep into not only modern aviation,
but also traced the historical development of small aircraft in our country
and beyond. We were faced with a difficult task: to demonstrate all the features and capabilities of the aircraft for visitors to the exhibition. It was important to make it as noticeable, visual and attractive as possible. What
was needed was a clear and comprehensible idea, so that anyone passing by could immediately catch the essence of the new development.
The most important feature of "Baikal" is its versatility: the ability
to perform work in any geographic locations and climatic zones. This formed
the basis for the idea of ​​the stand.
We presented the cockpit of the aircraft with views of the most diverse landscapes that could be seen from a working machine. Further along
the perimeter of the stand, we placed all the necessary technical and structural information, as well as images of the aircraft in various modifications.In addition, we developed the slogan "New Wings of Regional Aviation", which became the expression of the whole concept of the newest "Baikal".
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