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Development of a brand for a hotel complex on the banks of Ladoga

Customer: RN North-West LLC

Types of jobs:
Marina Panfilova - strategist
Irina Rodionova-Zrazhevskaya — creative director
Fedor Atlasov — art director
Olga Feldman — art director
Alexander Grigoriev — art director
Maria Gotovko — designer
Nikolai Shilov - designer

Marina Gruzdeva — supervisor

Creative team:
and strategic analysis
Brand platform
Naming, brandline, slogan
Logo and corporate identity
Brand visual architecture
Navigation system

In 2016, Rosneft began the construction of a multifunctional complex in
a bay on Lake Ladoga for tourists and pilgrims of the Konevsky Nativity
of the Theotokos Monastery on Konevets Island.

The new MFK was named "Vladimirovsky" after the name of the bay in which
it was built. The hotel complex is a reflection of the rising trend in the field of domestic Russian tourism. The proximity of the ancient monastery makes resting here special, filled with the charm of Russian nature.
First, we developed the brand platform. We conducted an analysis of the tourism services market in the Leningrad Region, did a review of competitors and an analysis of the audience in Russia and Scandinavia. Felt the mood and found
the right words. We called the platform "Russianness" which means a "state
of soul". After all, Russian is not just an ethnicity. It is first and foremost a culture. It was the proximity of cultural heritage that most of all influenced the creation of the image of "Vladimirovsky".
At the next stage, we created a logo, brand sign/name and brand line. The logo, on the one hand, corresponds to the international standards of high-class hotels, and, on the other hand, we managed to give it a local charm. To acquire this, we used unusual techniques in the construction of letters and created,
as we called it, a typographic berry, which we placed in the name/sign.
It connected classical typography with the nature of Ladoga.
Next is corporate identity. Here we allowed ourselves more freedom and created a dynamic flying ornament, which also refers us associatively to the shores
of Lake Ladoga. We designed everything from bottles in rooms to banners and uniforms at all points of contact with the audience. What is more interesting is that we did it twice! First a regular line, and then VIP.
After identification, we developed the entire navigation system. First conceptually, then with detailed elaboration. Here, as well, there were
two levels of works: navigation for interior spaces and street navigation. Besides that, we prepared project documentation for those who will come after us, so that it would be convenient for them to work with the created style.
We carefully transferred everything that we created into a 180-page brand book. This is a reference book on maintaining, communicating and presenting
the "Vladimirovsky" brand in the outside world.
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